Look around and you’ll likely agree that Minneapolis/St.Paul is a creative, free-thinking place. It’s one of the reasons we all love it here. It’s displayed in countless boutiques and art shows as well as the work put out by the over 100 agencies and 33 of the Fortune 500 in town.

Creativity comes from individuals, yet is fueled by the collective community in which we live and work. The DEEPSPACE series of worksops is about facilitating the creative conversation within the community; amongst brands, agency professionals, students and perhaps others simply interested in learning more.

The series will be hosted by space150 monthly, with provided location, organization and topics of discussion planned in advance. All speakers and future topics will be driven by the Minneapolis community and will include occasional guest speakers from the industries most highly respected companies. We are asking you, the thought leaders of the Minneapolis community, to actively participate through your presence, your contribution of ideas, and your volunteering to openly share your perspective.

If you have ideas on a specific topic or would like to request a speaking/presenting role in any of the following events, please send your request to lindsay.wenner@space150.com. Please note that we will attempt to screen requests.

February Event

DEEPSPACE MEDIA: Integrating SEO into Your Agency

Techniques for incorporating SEO best practices throughout the agency process: from pitch to delivery. This DEEPSPACE session will provide a brief overview and history of SEO, examples and illustrations of SEO (both good and bad), and we’ll also present a range of strategies to ensure good SEO, from site structure to best ways to deal with rich media and dynamic AJAX type content.

Limited space available, so please register today.

Questions? events@space150.com

Part of the DEEPSPACE Series


Bev’s Wine Bar



Beginning shortly after 5:00p with conversation going until the conversation stops.


Bev’s Wine Bar
250 3rd Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55401


Drink specials will be provided

Note: Please register in advance. It will impact the final location and drink specials.


Past Events

Agenda Presentations